18 January 2023: Site work review by Heritage Expert: Mr Benny Kuriakose

Mr Benny Kuriakose, Chairman of AH Advisory and renowned Heritage Conservation Professional, visited all the project sites to review the progress in January. Mr Kuriakose interacted with the onsite INTACH team along with the contractor’s team and shared his suggestions and feedback.

In January, Mr. Benny Kuriakose, Chairman of AH Advisory and a distinguished Heritage Conservation Professional, undertook a comprehensive visit to all the project sites to assess and evaluate the progress made. His visit aimed to provide guidance, suggestions, and feedback to the onsite INTACH team as well as the contractor’s team.

During his visit, Mr. Kuriakose actively engaged with the INTACH team, comprising conservation experts, architects, and other professionals responsible for the preservation and restoration work. He examined the ongoing activities and closely scrutinized the execution of various interventions within the historic structures. This included evaluating the conservation methods employed, assessing the adherence to heritage preservation principles, and scrutinizing the overall quality of work. Mr. Kuriakose’s vast experience and expertise in heritage conservation allowed him to provide valuable insights and recommendations to the onsite teams. His interactions with the INTACH team and the contractor’s team were highly collaborative and focused on achieving the desired outcomes while maintaining the historical significance of the structures.

Throughout his visit, Mr. Kuriakose emphasized the importance of maintaining the integrity of the heritage structures. He shared his extensive knowledge on traditional building techniques, materials, and architectural styles that should be considered during the restoration process. His suggestions aimed to strike a delicate balance between preserving the original fabric of the structures and incorporating necessary modern interventions for functionality and visitor experience.

Moreover, Mr. Kuriakose’s feedback encompassed not only technical aspects but also encompassed the broader vision of the projects. By sharing his expertise and suggestions, Mr. Kuriakose played a crucial role in guiding the project teams towards achieving their goals. His visit provided a unique opportunity for the onsite teams to learn from a renowned professional and benefit from his deep understanding of heritage conservation.

Interactive and intensive brainstorming sessions surely left our team enchanted!
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