Conservation and Museum Development of Nepal Bhasha Parishad, Kathmandu, Nepal

Nepal Bhasha Parishad building is a historic residential building, 700m north of Kathmandu Darbar Square. The building was originally the ancestral residence of eminent Nepali poet, Kavi Kesari Chittadhar ‘Hridaya’ who contributed towards preserving Newari language and culture. In 1951, Chittadhar got together with other prominent poets and writers and established Nepal Bhasa Parishad to promote institutional development of Nepal Bhasa. Currently the building houses a museum on Chittadhar and the office of Nepal Bhasha Parishad which hosts meetings with prominent poets, scholars, intellectuals to spread awareness on Newari language and culture.

Nepal Bhasha Parishad is a traditional four-storied Newari residential building dating to at least 150 years. The 2015 Gorkha earthquake caused some severe structural cracks and is classified under Grade 4 damage. The reconstruction of the building aims to integrate traditional design, materials and construction techniques while incorporating seismic elements to ensure long term stability of the building.

The existing museum in the building will be upgraded to commemorate the life, works and struggle of Chittadhar and enhance and promote Nepal Bhasa language and its associated culture. The project will introduce training and capacity building of the caretakers to document, assess the state of conservation of museum objects and develop conservation and maintenance programmes for the same. The design and curation of the gallery space in the museum includes modern display and lighting systems for presentation of the artefacts and innovative signage and technology for visitor interface and interpretation.

Project Cost: NPR4.70Crore; USD- 0.39Million

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