Meeting with Community Stakeholders on Kumari DPR Proposals


Following the signing of the contract agreement on 11th February 2021 between CLPIU and New Technical-Prera JV contractor, the successful bidder/contractor for the implementation of Conservation and Development of Kumari Chhen and Kumari Niwas, a meeting was scheduled at Ratnakar Mahavihar to meet the user committee members of the Mahavihar and other important community representatives from the Bajracharya community. Senior officials, Engineers from CLPIU along with INTACH team was present at the meeting. Embassy of India was represented by Ms Kumuda Pokhreyel, Assistant (DP & R).

Official from CLPIU (Building) initiated the proceeding by highlighting the collaboration between GON and GOI through which the conservation of Kumari Chhen and construction of New Niwas would be carried out with Government of India grant funds.

INTACH team made a presentation on the conservation proposals and proposed interventions to conserve the old Kumari Chhen building and the architectural plan and design proposal for new Kumari Niwas. INTACH explained the nature of quality control and safety measures to be implemented during different phases of implementation for the safety and security of the site and its assets.

The New Technical-Prera JV contractor was introduced to the community and speeches were made by important community members. The contractor’s work plan for project implementation was briefly explained including the role and responsibility of the different stakeholders. INTACH exhibited drawings of the proposed interventions for community viewing. After the meeting, all stakeholders visited the project site with the contractor and had a preliminary discussion on the arrangements to be made on-site for the ground-breaking ceremony.

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