07 April 2023: Site Visit of Kathmandu University Students

Happy to have students (soon-to-be-graduated) from Kathmandu University at one of our sites: Nepal Bhasa Parishad. INTACH discussed the various interventions that are being done and its complexities in the historic structure especially keeping in mind the museum design requirements.

A group of students (4th Year Engineering) from Kathmandu University embarked on a site visit to one of the project sites; Nepal Bhasa Parishad to explore and understand the intricacies of various interventions taking place within a historic structure. The primary focus of this visit was to observe and analyse the complexities involved in preserving and maintaining the integrity of the structure while meeting the design requirements of a museum.

During the visit, the students encountered numerous interventions that were aimed at preserving the historic structure. They witnessed the delicate balance between conserving the original architectural elements and incorporating modern amenities necessary for a museum. This required careful planning and execution to ensure that the interventions did not compromise the historical significance of the structure.

One of the main complexities observed was the integration of modern technology within the historic framework. The students witnessed the installation of climate control systems, lighting fixtures, and security measures, all of which were necessary for the proper functioning and preservation of artifacts. However, incorporating these modern interventions without disrupting the original aesthetics and character of the historic structure proved to be a significant challenge. Furthermore, the students noted the importance of maintaining accessibility and ensuring visitor comfort while adhering to museum design requirements. Balancing these modifications with the architectural integrity of the structure required meticulous planning and attention to detail.

In conclusion, the site visit provided the students with a firsthand understanding of the various interventions being undertaken in a historic structure, considering the complexities involved in meeting museum design requirements. The experience highlighted the need for a careful balance between preserving the historical significance of the structure and incorporating modern amenities and accessibility features. By witnessing these challenges and solutions firsthand, the students gained valuable insights into the complexities of working with historic structures and their transformation into vibrant museum spaces.

We wish the students all the very best for their future endeavors!
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