07 October 2023: India and Nepal review progress of projects at JPMC Meeting, Kathmandu

On 7th October 2023, India and Nepal held the Joint Project Monitoring Committee (JPMC) meeting on post-earthquake reconstruction projects in Kathmandu. The meeting was co-chaired by Mr. Anurag Srivastava, Joint Secretary Secretary (North), Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India, and Mr. Padma Kumar Mainali, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Urban Development, Government of Nepal.  The meeting carried out a comprehensive review of the progress of the Government of India assisted post-earthquake reconstruction projects in housing, education, health and cultural heritage sectors in Nepal.

The JPMC Mechanism was set up in August 2017 to monitor the progress of Government of India assisted post-earthquake reconstruction projects in Nepal. The meeting was attended by representatives of concerned Ministries, Departments and Agencies of Government of Nepal, Officers and officials of the Government of India, Consultants and other stakeholders engaged in implementation of the projects.

INTACH provided detailed insights into the current status and physical progress of the nine ongoing projects. These updates shed light on the advancements made in the conservation efforts following the devastating earthquakes in 2015 that had affected Nepal’s cultural heritage. However, amidst the progress, INTACH also pointed out the various challenges faced during the execution of these projects. These obstacles reflected the complex nature of heritage conservation and reconstruction initiatives experienced around living heritage. Recognizing these challenges was essential in order to devise effective strategies for overcoming them and despite the obstacles, the meeting concluded with a commitment to overcoming these challenges and continuing the collaborative efforts for post earthquake recovery of Nepal.


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