Conservation of Jestha Varna Mahavihar, Lalitpur

Jestha Varna Mahavihara, also known as Jyaba Bahi is situated 300 meters away from the Patan Durbar square world heritage site. It is part of a group of 15 historical Bahis in Patan. The oldest inscription at the site commemorating the renovation of the Bahi is dated N.S. 772 i.e. mid-17th century. However the foundation of the building is much older.

The monastery has a typical Bahi layout with the main shrine and adjoining sattal around a sunken central courtyard.  The incompatible repairs of the monastery over the years has resulted in some major alterations.The building was originally two storeys of which the top floor completely collapsed during the 2015 earthquake making it structurally unstable. Therefore the reconstruction of the historic mahavihara is proposed to restore the authenticity of the mahavihara by following the traditional form,patterns and layout of a typical bahi backed with scientific investigations and primary research.

All interventions will be intended towards the seismic safety of the buildings. The documentation and conservation of the decorative art surfaces and features such as historical timber works, stone sculptures and restoration of the wall painting at the shrine entrance in-order to restore the surviving material heritage at the site. Up gradation of building services including illumination, sanitation, rain water harvesting in view of its location and usage.

Project Cost– NPR 13.78 Crore; USD- 1.18 Million

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