Conservation of Jangam Math, Bhaktapur, Nepal

The Jangam Math is situated in the centre of Bhaktapur. The Math is close to Bhaktapur Durbar Square UNESCO World Heritage Site, south of the famous Nyatapola temple. There is a stone inscription belonging to 1692 BS, which highlights the renovation of Jangam Math by a Malla king. The Jangam is a familiar sub-group of Veerashaiva community who are the priestly class officiating in social and religious activities.

The Math complex has an irregular shaped plan consisting of three courtyards surrounded by housing blocks built in traditional Newari style. The courtyards are interlinked and have small Shivalayas in the courtyards. Originally three and half storey high, including later additions, only two storeys have survived the 2015 earthquake and has retained its original architectural style even though past earthquakes have led to extensive damage and successive repairs.

Restoration of the buildings in the complex would follow traditional Newari building practices and using traditional construction material while ensuring improved seismic resistance of the buildings. The conservation of the buildings will be accompanied by appropriate adaptive reuse of the historic building complex.  Conservation and re-use of decorative timber elements and consolidation, repair and restoration of historic inscriptions, decorative and non-decorative woodwork, stonework, and brick surfaces.

Project Cost: NPR 10 Crore [Approx.] | USD 0.84 Million

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