20 April 2023: Meeting Shri Phanindra ji, Newari author and poet

INTACH team was honoured to meet and interview Shri Phanindra Ratna Bajracharya ji, Newari author and poet. He was kind enough to share his first hand experience working with Chittadhar Hridaya ji, one of the greatest Nepalese Poet. Shri Ratna Ji threw light on Chittadhar Hridaya’s life and struggle towards the Nepal Bhasha and its preservation. The oral histories collected from the communities will help us in the content development of Nepal Bhasa Parishad Museum which is housed in the personal residence of Kabi Keshari Chittadhar Hridaya ji.

Ratna Ji explained how he met Chittadhar ji through his participation in a Newari (Nepal Bhasa) essay competition and impressed Chittadhar Ji with his writing skills, after which he got a chance to get trained under Chittadhar’s supervision. Further, we got to know Chittadhar’s struggle to get his education despite the hurdles. We also got a glimpse of his personal life and his relationship with his family.

Ratna Ji believes that the Nepal Bhasha Parishad Museum will inspire and motivate people across the country to learn Nepal Bhasha.

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