Conservation of Shree Gopichandra Mahavihara, Lalitpur

Gopichandra Mahavihara or the Pintu Bahi, is located to the north of Patan Durbar Square in Lalitpur, Kathmandu Valley. It is believed to be founded by Gobardhan Misra in the 12th century and bears testimony to the living heritage of the valley.

The Gorkha earthquake caused extensive structural damage to the Mahavihara. The building has weakened masonry, decayed and damaged wooden roof truss and water seepage. The collapsed phusa tower over the main shrine has resulted in severe water ingress leading to the damage of all timber elements. The Mahavihara has undergone layers of incompatible additions, alterations and repairs. However, it still retains the original architectural layout of Bahil architecture of Kathmandu valley. Due consideration is given to using materials close to the original building materials at the time of its construction, restoring traditional features and design aspects of the Bahil architecture. The project aims to integrate traditional materials, architectural design and practices with adequate structural measures to ensure long-term stability of the historic building.

The documentation and conservation of the decorative art surfaces and features such as historical timber works, stone sculptures and restoration of the wall painting at the shrine entrance in-order to restore the surviving material heritage at the site. The interventions will ensure optimum space utilization for day to day functions of the Mahavihara.

Project Cost- NPR16.80Crore; USD- 1.43Million

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