27th December 2022: Visit of H.E. Ambassador of India to Nepal to project sites

In a significant visit, the Ambassador of India to Nepal, His Excellency Mr. Naveen Srivastava, visited the Kathmandu sites of Seto Macchindranath Temple and Nepal Bhasa Parishad to observe and assess the ongoing conservation and retrofitting works being funded by the Government of India. Shri Koshnath Adhikari, Project Director, CLPIU (B&H) Govt of Nepal along with his team were also present. The INTACH team took the delegates around the site and highlighted the progress made in the ongoing works.

Upon arrival, the Ambassador was warmly welcomed by the members of Aryaablokeshwora Sudhar Samuha, a local organization dedicated to the improvement and preservation of the cultural heritage in the area. The temple priests and members of the local community were also present to extend their greetings and showcase their support for the restoration efforts.

During the visit, the INTACH team guided the delegates around the site. They highlighted the progress made in the ongoing works, showcasing the careful attention to detail and adherence to heritage preservation principles. The Ambassador witnessed firsthand the efforts being made to restore and preserve the historic Seto Macchindranath Temple. He observed the conservation methods being employed, such as the repair and stabilization of the structure, the restoration of decorative elements, and the integration of necessary seismic engineering interventions.

Additionally, the visit included a tour of the Nepal Bhasa Parishad, where the Ambassador was able to witness the seismic strengthening works being carried out. The delegation was briefed on the techniques used to enhance the structural stability and safety of the building, ensuring its long-term conservation and functionality.

The visit provided a platform for the Ambassador and the delegation to acknowledge and appreciate the progress made in the ongoing conservation efforts. The Ambassador’s presence, along with the local community and government officials, highlighted the collaborative efforts and commitment to preserving the cultural heritage of the region. The visit served as an important platform to observe the progress made and further strengthen the cultural ties between India and Nepal.

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